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Seemingly far, but a home game for us.


The rules of successful marketing vary depending on each market. Since 1993, we have been familiar with the ever changing requirements and features of the German source market. Our key advantage is that, as a major travel agency organisation, we are able to offer original solutions and innovative marketing tools in B2B and B2C, and enjoy a strong sales base of over 3,500 travel agencies. This expertise is highly regarded by foreign service providers and destinations. We can act as agents for specific measures, or as an entire representative for Germany.


"As a Spaniard and passionate economist, I am very familiar with the unique features of all kinds of markets. Bringing people together and being part of this big TSS family make me particularly happy."

Dr. Antonio Roldan Ponce

"Forging networks in Germany and Turkey, and thus breaking down linguistic and cultural barriers and setting the course for maximum success, is my passion."

Cumhur Sefer

"I have worked in tourism in many different countries, and speak 4 languages fluently. The knowledge I have gained about country-specific needs and attitudes help me greatly when working with target areas and service providers with varying source markets."

Katarzyna Boroucka-Nadolna

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