Social involvement
Embracing responsibility

Broadening horizons

an initiative by Manuel Molina and the TSS GROUP to promote openness and global responsibility

„Open-minded people, fresh attitudes, brave actions – this all encourages intercultural tolerance. For peaceful coexistence.“
Manuel Molina

Digital media are infiltrating virtually all areas of our life, and are changing the way we communicate and learn. TSS’s International Multimedia Libraries aim to promote media studies, be a comprehensive authority on confident use of digital media, as well as simultaneously also a place of learning for global relationships, and provide a forum for examining our social development. The multimedia libraries offer educational services for school students aged 10 to 18, based on the methods of Global Learning. With the help of modern, contemporary technologies, students can access online libraries and use all kinds of multimedia content.

The first International Multimedia Library was officially opened at the Gymnasium Bürgerwiese in Dresden (Germany) in December 2014. Additional IMLs were opened in Málaga (Spain) in March 2015 and Antalya (Turkey) in June 2016. Another one is due to open in Seville (Spain) in late September 2016.