We're the independent ones.

Passionate. Creative. Successful.
Working for and with travel agencies.

#01 The first impression

Who we are and what we do.

We're primarily passionate tourism experts... and 'wingmen'. As an owner-run business, we have been working daily for and with travel agencies, tour operators, destinations and service providers as their close, trustworthy partner for 30 years, bringing them closer together. The resulting network ensures maximum advantages for our travel agencies, who remain fully independent, and direct (and therefore valuable) access to potential customers for partners.

#02 — Fact check

And how about some numbers to back things up.

The pure facts show that we're a strong, effective community. But it's also worth looking deeper. Because these source of these figures lies in our passion for the best industry in the world, in the mix of experience and dynamism, and in a belief in co-operating on equal footing. All of this earns us our partners' trust.

Travel-agency partners
in Europe
contracts with
tour operators
of these in
Germany alone
travel agents
with destinations
#03 — Always active. Our news.

What we inspire and what inspires us.

      #04 — Travel agencies

      How we get the best out of your travel agency.

      There's no doubt that you know your customers best. That's your capital. All we do is ensure you can continue concentrating solely on them.

      #05 — Service providers

      How we successfully connect you to our customers.

      There are few industries that live off emotion more than tourism. We have more than 6600 highly dedicated ambassadors for your emotive products and services.

      #06 — In the best company

      A small selection of our partners.

      We are very proud and happy to co-operate with a wide range of partners.
      This enables us to keep shaping the present and future of the tourism industry.

      #07 Contact form

      Are we a match?
      Then we should talk.

      TSS Touristik Service System GmbH
      Bremer Strasse 65 ┃ 01067 Dresden ┃ Germany

      +49 351 8 79 000


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      #08 — Who we are

      A team packed full of dedication, energy and vision.

      That's us. Real people. People who listen. People who simply enjoy assisting you every day, and who may even make you that little bit better. That's what drives us. As a team.